June 12, 2015

An Old Palm Device Charger

An old Palm device charger

I was an early adopter of Palm mobile devices. Yet, like most technology, they had their day in the sun and then were cast into the shade of the next generation of mobile organizers and then smart phones came along and made pretty much everything else obsolete.

This morning, I noticed this charger lying around and actually stopped to take a look at it, thinking I could swipe it for an at work USB charger. It was a charger for my last Palm device. I'm pretty sure that I no longer have the device, so the charger is off to the circular file. If you look carefully at the picture, you'll notice the proprietary connector. I'm so glad that the days of proprietary chargers are on the way out. Apple are one of the few holdouts, but even they are moving towards USB-C for their laptop charging technology.

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