June 16, 2015

Me And Uncle Bob

Me And Uncle Bob

One of my enduring technical heroes is Robert C. Martin. Mr. Martin is one of the lucky few in the technology world who are instantly recognizable by either their initials or their first names. Robert C. Martin is known as "Uncle Bob". I was fortunate to be able to meet Uncle Bob in the Chicago area at a one day free seminar given by ObjectMentor, back in 2001. At the end of the day, I asked if I could have my picture taken with him and he was very kind and generous and immediately said yes and even insisted that we be standing in front of their "Star Trek" wall.

Thank you Uncle Bob for your kindness to a young and star-struck fan. I continue to read your writings and still aspire to your level of software craftsmanship.

Update! I was fortunate enough to see Uncle Bob again at That Conference and he was gracious enough to allow another picture.

Me And Uncle Bob Again

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