Best Laid Plans

December 5, 2017

According to the Interwebs, the full quote that I take this post's title from goes something like this:

The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.

Robert Burns

The quote is a great reminder that we can (and should) plan, but that we can have no assurances that everything will proceed according to our plan. The universe contains too much entropy to offer any such guarantees to us. Besides, things change really quickly once you start following your carefully constructed plan. This not a new phenomenon and has been pointed out before:

No plan survives contact with the enemy.

Helmuth von Moltke the Elder

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Nervous and Excited

November 26, 2017

There's just something about big changes that make them nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time. Some days I think that I've had enough big changes in my life that they're unlikely to affect me much anymore and then along comes a bigger change and it's back to the emotional roller-coaster again.

Two weeks ago was my final week with Benevolent Employer and thus I am now an independent contractor. There were a multitude of reasons and circumstances that all came together at the same time and made the decision somewhat inescapable. Much as I wanted out of Corporate America, this wasn't my preferred timing or way, but you work with the circumstances that life gives you and make the best of it. Or as the cool kids say these days, because "reasons".

First order of business was to decide on a strategic direction. That was actually really easy: pastor and do whatever it takes to make a living not within Corporate America. Step number two was to figure out how to do that. Much more thought required to figure that out! While things could change as circumstances play out, the initial plan is to do some part-time technology work for a good friend of mine. In addition to that, I'll be pastoring and when not working part-time, doing the groundwork to start my own business providing church management software for congregations. I'll be initially seeking sales within the ministerial organization that I belong to, but once everything is up and running I'm sure that my inner capitalist will take over and I'll sell to anyone.

This is something that my wife and I have prayed about and feel that we are within the will of the Lord as I make this transition to being independent. Keep us in your thoughts or prayers and check back on this blog for periodic updates.

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Cover Song - September performed by Tauren Wells

July 7, 2017

Tauren Wells, the skinny-jeans wearing lead singer formerly of Royal Taylor has a solo album out and it includes this excellent cover song of September, a classic from Earth, Wind and Fire.

It doesn't quite have the depth of sounds that the original brings, but I think it captures the energy level of the song very well. Recommended!

I have no idea what the story behind his choice of this song is. Normally, his songs are solidly Apostolic Pentecostal Christian, which should not surprise anyone as he is a graduate of Indiana Bible College. Last I checked, Earth, Wind and Fire were not overly known for anything other than chart-topping funk of the first order. Curious.

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Cover Song - In the Hall of the Mountain King performed by Voice Orchestra

July 1, 2017

A nice a cappella version of In the Hall of the Mountain King to welcome in the summer.

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Introduction to the book of The Acts of the Apostles

May 7, 2017

I'm writing a book, a commentary on the bible book The Acts of the Apostles and will be putting the content here first so that I can ask for feedback on it. The content will also be gathered together into an e-book, which will eventually be made available for free and after that as a printed book which will be available for a reasonable price.

Acts, or The Acts of the Apostles - to give it its full and proper title - is a fascinating book within an already fascinating book. As part of the New Testament it fills the role of transitioning the reader from the gospels to the epistles. It is not actually a gospel, yet is understood to be written by one of the gospel authors and does cover the final moments of Jesus upon this earth. It is not an epistle, yet contains the entire text of the epistle written by the church leadership in Jerusalem to the churches explaining the decision of the first recorded church council.

Many describe Acts as a history book and while technically true, this robs it of much of its importance. It does record the growth and development of the early church in chronological fashion, but not like a traditional history book. I liken it more to an exciting and wide-ranging action story that is just itching for a Hollywood producer, with access to an an awesome special effects department, to make it into an epic movie.

The author of the book of Acts is universally agreed to be Luke, the same author of the eponymous gospel. After that, the agreement reduces, with some scholars believing him to be a Greek gentile, while others believe he was a Hebrew. History tells us that Luke was a disciple, healer and traveling companion of the apostle Paul. This fits well with Paul's reference to him in Colossians 4:14 as the beloved physician.

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