Cover Song - Thunderstruck performed by Rob Landes

February 10, 2017

A clever rendition of AC/DC's Thunderstruck using one violin and lots of looper and effects pedals.

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Electronic junk

February 4, 2017

Electronic Junk

Today ended up being an errands and sorting through junk kind of day. In the realm of electronics, I tend to be an early adopter and then I hold on to stuff for way longer than necessary.

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Favorite Movie Ever

January 17, 2017

I'm about to get highly opinionated here, so either stop reading or strap yourself in. The topic of favorite movie ever is a contentious one. Yet I am willing to risk the ire of the Interwebs and make a definitive proclamation.

First, my criteria. I have four elements that I love in movies. The more of these present in the movie, the better. Guns, explosions, car chases and aliens. Cram those in a movie and as long as it isn't too awful, there's a really good chance I'll like it. I have no issues with handsome heroes and beautiful heroines. Magnificent scenery is always appreciated. A little humor goes a long way. But, over the years, I have narrowed my personal criteria down to Guns, explosions, car chases and aliens. And I'm pretty sure that I'm old enough to stubbornly stick with what I like, so I fully intend to.

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Cover Song - Stairway To Heaven performed by NHK Blends

January 13, 2017

A version of Led Zeppelin's classic Stairway To Heaven performed in traditional Japanese style.

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Some post-Christmas relaxing

December 27, 2016

Christmas is wonderful and I love it. I even preached on Christmas Day about how love is the best word to describe Christmas. But after all of the seriousness and fun and gathering with family there comes a time to flop down and relax and be thankful and grateful for it. And this is that day.

Christmas started for us on the 23rd, a Friday, with a visit to the extended family. The following morning we returned home and had our personal family Christmas time. Sunday morning was church followed by heading home for a delicious lunch, a nap and some local friends over to visit in the evening.

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