The International Standard Cup of Tea

September 11, 2018

I must admit that I was previously unaware that there was such a thing as an international cup of tea. I should have suspected that one would exist, after all, how do you measure the nutritional components of tea if you don't have a standardized serving size and repeatable procedure for making it?

Many thanks to Tom Scott, who I first came across on the Numberphile YouTube channel. He has researched the process, purchased the equipment and bravely set out to make said cup of internationally standard tea.

I am more of a teabag in a mug kind of guy, while The Queen of All She Surveys, has a strong preference for making tea in a Wedgewood teapot and drinking it all fancy. Either way, while I appreciate that there is a standard for tea making for comparative purposes, I think we'll stick to making it the way we've always done.

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Tree at Echo Veterans Memorial Park in Burlington

September 4, 2018

Tree at Echo Veterans Memorial Park in Burlington

Taken with a 4MP Olympus C4040Z.

A fun shot of a tree at Echo Veterans Memorial Park in Burlington, WI. I was at the park with my family and in-laws. We were at the park getting some fresh air and taking some family pictures, hence I had my camera with me.

I liked this angle of the interesting tree in the background viewed through the interesting tree in the foreground. If I have learned anything in my time of taking pictures it's that I have to like the pictures I take. It is my experience that people were never as delighted with pictures that I took because I thought they would like them. Yet when I showed people pictures that I took because I liked them, they often loved them as much as I did. Lesson learned. I have to love a picture before anyone else can.

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The 80's Have A Lot To Answer For

August 27, 2018

For some reason, daughter #1 was humming The Birdie Song this evening. I have no idea where she got it from, but she ran screaming when I found the original version and played it for her.

After listening to it again, my verdict is that the 80's have quite a lot to answer for in the bad music department. But, misery loves company, so I'll share it with anyone reading this. Enjoy!

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Other Podcasts That I Listen To

August 3, 2018

If I have unexpected listening time (extra yard work or driving) or am feeling experimental I will also listen to these podcasts:



This is the follow-up podcast from Mike Duncan, the creator of the History of Rome podcast. The podcast looks at various revolutions in world history and the effect of their outcome.

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Podcasts that I listen to

July 26, 2018

If you love audio books, there's a really good chance that you'll like podcasts. Or at least that's what I'm told. I went the other direction. I started with podcasts and loved them so much that I never made it to audio books. I started listening to podcasts when I had an average total daily commute time of two and a half hours a day, so my current listening lineup tends towards long-form offerings.

My list:

Jocko Podcast

Weekly. Normal duration of 2 hours, but occasionally longer.

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