Living Well

February 11, 2017

Every so often, someone will quote that modern proverb about how the best revenge is to live well. It's technically correct but woefully incomplete, because the best response to any situation, be it positive or negative, is to live well. Our interactions with people fall on many different parts of a spectrum. Some interactions are very positive, some are neutral and others are bad. That's just how life happens and while we wish everyone was super polite and cheerful, it is not to be. Sometimes the interaction is bad enough that appropriate authorities need to be alerted or summoned, but such drastic situations are still mercifully infrequent.

If you've ever been in a position to lead people, you will be fully aware that you really can't tell people what to do. This seems obvious with volunteers, but to a very great extent, it is also true of employees. If an employee doesn't want to do what the boss asks, they'll do anything, from hide, to take sick days to just plain quit on the spot. You really can't make anyone do anything. The only person who we can have any control over is ourselves.

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Cover Song - Thunderstruck performed by Rob Landes

February 10, 2017

A clever rendition of AC/DC's Thunderstruck using one violin and lots of looper and effects pedals.

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Electronic junk

February 4, 2017

Electronic Junk

Today ended up being an errands and sorting through junk kind of day. In the realm of electronics, I tend to be an early adopter and then I hold on to stuff for way longer than necessary.

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Favorite Movie Ever

January 17, 2017

I'm about to get highly opinionated here, so either stop reading or strap yourself in. The topic of favorite movie ever is a contentious one. Yet I am willing to risk the ire of the Interwebs and make a definitive proclamation.

First, my criteria. I have four elements that I love in movies. The more of these present in the movie, the better. Guns, explosions, car chases and aliens. Cram those in a movie and as long as it isn't too awful, there's a really good chance I'll like it. I have no issues with handsome heroes and beautiful heroines. Magnificent scenery is always appreciated. A little humor goes a long way. But, over the years, I have narrowed my personal criteria down to Guns, explosions, car chases and aliens. And I'm pretty sure that I'm old enough to stubbornly stick with what I like, so I fully intend to.

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Cover Song - Stairway To Heaven performed by NHK Blends

January 13, 2017

A version of Led Zeppelin's classic Stairway To Heaven performed in traditional Japanese style.

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