Introduction to the book of The Acts of the Apostles

May 7, 2017

I'm writing a book, a commentary on the bible book The Acts of the Apostles and will be putting the content here first so that I can ask for feedback on it. The content will also be gathered together into an e-book, which will eventually be made available for free and after that as a printed book which will be available for a reasonable price.

Acts, or The Acts of the Apostles - to give it its full and proper title - is a fascinating book within an already fascinating book. As part of the New Testament it fills the role of transitioning the reader from the gospels to the epistles. It is not actually a gospel, yet is understood to be written by one of the gospel authors and does cover the final moments of Jesus upon this earth. It is not an epistle, yet contains the entire text of the epistle written by the church leadership in Jerusalem to the churches explaining the decision of the first recorded church council.

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Cover Song - Sweet Child O' Mine performed by Luca Stricagnoli

May 5, 2017

A delightful rendition of Guns and Roses' classic track "Sweet Child O' Mine" performed using two acoustic guitars.

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Cover Song - Smells Like Teen Spirit performed by Robyn Adele Anderson

April 14, 2017

This is about the only song by Nirvana that I like, but I hardly even recognize it in this fun cover version delivered in a 1940's swing style.

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Living Well In All Areas Of Our Lives

March 4, 2017

I'd like to repeat my definition of Living Well from my last post on the topic.

Living Well is doing the best you can in every area of your life, utilizing what you have and what you know.

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Cover Song - The Trooper performed by Andy Rehfeldt

March 1, 2017

A wonderful version of Iron Maiden's classic track The Trooper in Bossa Nova tempo but with original concert footage and Bruce Dickinson's vocals. A magnificent mashup and worthy of being included in my series of cover songs.

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